3D Print Me A Giant Chocolate

Tags: 3D Printing, Cote D'OR, Chocolate, 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering; ABS Acetone Vapour Bath

"3D Print Me A Giant Chocolate"

We recently received a request to 3D Print a giant COTE D'OR Chocolate. Great we thought, here's a good excuse to get ourselves a Chocolate 3D Printer, reading on though we realised what was required was a giant plastic model of said Chocolate. We stopped licking our lips at the possibilities and put our plans for the ChocCreator on hold again. The chocolate print however was still an interesting project as it involved 3D Scanning to reverse engineer the shape, tidying up and smoothing, scaling, 3D Printing and then vapour bathing to give it a nice smooth finish. Here's a video and a few pictures we took along the way, the results were pretty good and we had another happy customer.   

Chocolate Printing on MakerbotFile Print with the Scanned ChocolateHappy Customer

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